Director profile

Torrent Industries is a Pioneer in earthing material and products. Founded by Mr. Naresh Bishnoi in 2015. Torrent Industries has earned a recognition in the industry in a very short time. Mr. Naresh Bishnoi is the director of Torrent Industries. From the start of his career, Mr. Bishnoi has gained a vast knowledge and experience of earthing technology, the science, and purpose behind the earthing materials and products.

His immense knowledge and expertise have helped Torrent industries to grow and establish as a pioneer in earthing industry. His professional and customer-friendly approach has helped many of the company’s clients to find the perfect earthing solutions for their need.

With the skilled team and cutting-edge technology, Mr. Naresh Bishnoi is now working to establish Torrent Industries as a trusted earthing products brand and a reliable partner for clients to provide customized earthing solutions.

About Us

We are leading manufacturers and stockists of G.I. Earthing strips, Cable Tray, Earthing Plates, Earthing Wires, Earthing Pipe and Copper Earthing Plates, Copper Earthing Patti, Copper Earthing Rodes and All types of Earthing material.

Torrent Industries is the pioneer in Earthing Product Field. We are the leading manufacturer and stockist of diverse earthing solutions and products such as G. I. Earthing Strips, Hot Dip Galvanised Strips, Earthing Plates, and Cable Tray. Earthing solutions and material provide vital protection from voltage transient.

We at Torrent Industries design and manufacture Earthing Solutions using high-quality material keeping in mind the safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With the years of reliable services, quality products, and customer support, Torrent Industries have gained a recognition in the market. We provide quality & cost-effective earthing products in around Mumbai and Pune.

Our Vision

▮ To grow as a trusted brand in Earthing Solution Industry

▮ To design customized solutions to fulfill our client’s every Earthing need

Our Mission

▮ To maintain customer relationship

▮ To establish as a trusted partner of our clients

▮ To upgrade the design and techniques to meet the latest industry standards